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A is a landlocked country in central South America. It is bordered by Brazil to the north and east, Paraguay and Argentina to the south, and Chile and Peru to the west.  Prior to European colonization, the Bolivian territory was a part of the Incan Empire, which was the largest state in Pre-Columbian America

  • Sucre is the capital city.  

  • Population: 9,863,000.

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Required Items/Steps Checklist

# Description
1 Passport Requirements: Send us your original, signed passport valid for 6 months beyond stay, and with at least one blank visa page available for visa stamp(s). The Amendment pages in the back of the passport can't be used for visa stamp.
2 Visa Application Form: Compete the online visa application form.   Below are the instructions for the online process.  Once you  upload the information, only then can we submit the online confirmation slip with the passport.

1. Register your email: You will find at the bottom of this page the “Register Email” to start your application.

2. You will receive an email with the code that must be entered to continue your application.

3. Select the type of Visa according to your purpose of travel and Upload your picture with the following specifications:

  • 3cm x 3cm (2” x 2”) Passport Picture.

  • JPEG format.

  • Maximun size 150Kb

To upload the picture press the BROWSE button, select your picture file on your computer or device, press the insert image and the photo will be inserted in the form.

4. Complete the online “SWORN STATEMENT FOR VISA APPLICATION” Write the required information in the spaces provided on the form. All fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory (*).

  • Check to make sure the information provided is correct.

  • Once you have completed filling out the form click the "Finish Visa Application Form" found at the bottom left.

  • Immediately you will see a confirmation message, which will allow you to confirm or modify the information provided.

  • Once you have confirmed the information, the system will assign an process number for your application, visible at the top center of the form.

  • The "SWORN STATEMENT FOR VISA APPLICATION " is automatically filled with the information provided by you.

  • Then press the button "Print Visa Application Form", this option allows you to print and / or save documents in PDF Acrobat Reader.


3 Photo Requirements: One recent 2 x 2 passport type photograph, in color, front view and with a plain/light background. (snapshots are not accepted).
4 Official Invitation: An original, notarized invitation from sponsor (either host company or individual) explaining the relationship to the applicant and the purpose of travel. In addition, the letter must indicate the length of stay, place of stay, and contact information.
5 Proof of Departure: Computer generated flight itinerary from the airline or a travel agency, copy of airline ticket or a corporate letter stating travel plans. A signed letter on the travel agency’s letterhead confirming round-trip booking may also be submitted.
6 For Business Travelers:  Business Letter - Original letter from employer or sponsoring company, on company letterhead, introducing the applicant, indicating the applicant’s employment status/position held in the company, and clearly stating the purpose of visit.
7 Financial Requirements: Evidence of sufficient funds to support stay in destination such as pay stubs, traveler’s cheques, and/or most recent bank statement. A photocopy of applicant's credit card (front side) is also accepted. (Not required in Washington DC).
8 Hotel Confirmation: A copy of confirmed hotel and/or cruise reservation(s.) If staying in various hotels, please provide copies of each reservation. A letter from inviting family member or friend is required if they are providing accommodations to the applicant.
9 Medical Requirements: International certificate of vaccination against Yellow Fever.
10 Complete the Passport Rush Service Order Form You must include a copy of this form with all other supporting documents. (NOTE: Consular fees are NON-refundable. If visa is rejected and resubmitted new consular fees will apply).


Service Fees

     •Regular (10-15 day) Processing


     •Rush (2 day) Processing



Visa Validity

Tourist visas are usually valid for up to 5 years from the date of entry.  The admission period per year will be of 90 days.  The visa holder will be able to use the visa 3 times in one year for a total period of 90 days.

Visa Processing Time

Visas are usually processed in 3 working days.  Rush and Emergency service may be available for additional fees.   Please visit our Consular Fees page for details. Rush and Emergency service is defined as any attempt made by Passport Rush to retrieve the visa in less time than the amount required by the embassy to process the visa.

Non-refundable tickets or reservations should not be purchased until all visas and passports are secured and in your possession.



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